Ply Unlimited


Densewood is the benchmark creation in plywood making through years of experience and fine tuning. Keeping in mind the creativity and application of the product Densewood is available in 3 Category i.e MR ( MOISTURE RESISTANT) , BWR ( BOILING WATER RESISTANT) , BWP ( BOILING WATER PROOF ) mainly through quality like DENSEWOOD SILVER AND GOLD and also Densewood caters to niche high end Application plywood such as Burma gurjun Plywood by the the name DENSEWOOD CLUB , DENSEWOOD CALIB for complete calibration in plywood and DENSEWOOD FR for its Fire retardant technology.

varities OF DENSeWOOD

densewood silver

densewood gold

densewood club

denswood Calib

denswood block board

densewood Fire Retardant

Crafted to perfection, our plywood sets the standard.